Blueberry pastry Free E



Basic recipe danish pastry (for 2 pieces à 5 kg)
1875 g WESTFALIA Hefeteig Konz. 30% CL
950 g WESTFALIA Back freeE
4375 g wheat flour, type 550
1250 g whole egg
1375 g water, cold
300 g yeast

Method: Kneading time: 2 minutes slow, 4 minutes fast
For 5 kg basic dough use 2 kg WESTFALIA Plunder Croissant Platte freeE
Let the dough rest for 15 minutes. Laminate the margarine with three single folds.


Basic recipe blueberry filling
2000 g blueberries, frozen
400 g WESTFALIA Kochkrem CL
200 g sugar, fine
2000 g water

Method: Boil the blueberries with the sugar and approx. 900 mL water; mix the WESTFALIA Kochkrem into the remaining water and whisk the mixture slowly into the boiling fruits. Leave to cool.


Basic recipe custard:
3000 g whole milk
360 g sugar
270 g WESTFALIA Kochkrem CL
12 pieces egg yolk

Method: Boil ¾ of the milk. Mix the Kochkrem powder and the sugar and stir into the remaining milk and egg yolk,
whisk the mixture slowly into the boiling milk.

Basic recipe crumbles
2200 g wheat flour, type 550
1250 g WESTFALIA Back freeE
1250 g sugar

Method: Mix all ingredients together for making the crumbles.


How to make the blueberry pastry:
Roll the ready Danish pastry dough to a thickness of 2.5 mm and cut into pieces of
12 x 12 cm. Pipe the cold custard with a piping bag in the middle of the pastries
(nozzle 10). Fold the corners to the middle of the pastry, press it and let them proof.
After half proofing time moisten the surface, pipe the blueberry filling and cover with
crumbles. Bake them after ¾ proofing with less steam.

Oven temperature: approx. 210 ° C
Baking time: approx. 18 – 22 minutes


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