Ingredients basic dough:
1100 g WESTFALIA Käsekuchen-Fix
2750 g cream cheese
500 g Whole eggs
40 g Salt
1400 g Water

500 g Westfalia Brownie Mix
125 g Westfalia Back Melange, tempered  
175 g water 

1400 g Short dough, customary

How to make:

Roll the short dough on a greased baking-sheet 60 x 40cm and bake it for approx.10 minutes.

Mix the cream cheese, eggs and water than add the Käsekuchen Fix powder and stir until smooth. Spread the mixture evenly on the pre-baked short dough.

Whip the ingredients for the Brownie-filling for approx. 3 minutes in a mixing machine. Spread the filling by using a piping bag, evenly as spots in the cheesecake-mixture. Glaze the cold cheesecake with Westfalia Geleeguß klar.

Baking temperature: approx.200 °C
Baking time: approx. 60 – 65 minutes

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