MIN. Baking-Time

Temperature (in °C)

Puff Pastry:
1,000 kg wheat flour, type 550
0,050 kg Westfalia Backstabil Pro
0,020 kg salt
0,025 kg whole egg
0,550 kg water, cold
1,645 kg total amound
1,000 kg Westfalia Melange Platte

Zutaten filling:
1,000 kg Westfalia Brownie Mix
0,250 kg butterfat
0,300 kg water





Produce a basic dough by kneading the ingredients 2 minutes slow and 4 minutes fast speed.

After a short cool resting-time laminate Westfalia Melange Platte with two single and two double folds.

Mix the ingredients for the Brownie-filling in a mixing-machine for a short time.

Roll the puff pastry on a width of 50cm and a thickness of 2,5mm, spread the Brownie-filling evenly on the dough and sprinkle with chocolate drops, then roll the dough lengthways.

Cut pieces of a 2,5cm width and lay them on prepared baking-sheets, cover them with crumbles.

Garnish the baked twister with Westfalia Superschnee.

Baking-temperature: approx. 200°C
Baking-time: approx. 20 minutes.

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