Butter cake

MIN. Backzeit

°C Ofentemperatur

2.500 kg Wheat flour, type 550
0,200 kg Yeast
0,750 kg Westfalia Butina Butterfettbackkrem
0,500 kg Westfalia Butterfett soft
0,125 kg Marzipan
0,950 kg Milk / Water
0,030 kg Salt
0,015 kg Stollen seasoning
5,070 kg Dough weight

3,000 kg Raisin / fruitmix
0,750 kg Almonds
8,820 kg Stollen dough

note: Für frei aufgearbeitete Stollen den Teig fester halten! ca. 30% Schüttflüssigkeit!


Prepare a pre-dough with half of the flour, yeast and the liquid ingredients.

After approx. 20 minutes add the other ingredients and knead to a smooth dough.
Kneading time: 4 minutes on slow and 2 minutes on fast.

Allow to rest for 10 minutes before adding carefully the fruit mix and almonds.

Allow to rest for additional 15 minutes before continuing.
Then fill dough into the Stollen molds with some kind pressure. Give the Stollen a short proof. Set the filled Stollen mold with the open side on the bottom on the tray.


Time of baking is depending on size of Stollen.

Ofentemperatur:  ca. 190 °C
Backzeit: ca. 45 bis 60 Min.


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