Cherry Cake



Ingredients basic batter
1500 g WESTFALIA Rühr Frisch
600 g WESTFALIA Goldquell Öl
600 g Water

Stir the ingredients for the basic batter slowly in a mixer machine for approx 3 minutes. Spread 1400 g of the basic batter on a greased 60 x 40 cm baking tray.


Ingredients chocolate batter
1300 g Basic batter
50 g Cocoa powder, deoiled
50 g Sugar
150 g Whole egg

Stir the sugar, cocoa and whole egg in the remaining batter, than spread it on the basic batter.
Use a piping bag to spread 1200 g Kaltkrem Super (made according to the basic recipe) on the batter and put on 800 g drained morello cherries. Mix 1200 g Streusel with 200 g Westfalia Schokodrops, sprinkle the cake and bake.

Oven temperature: approx. 190 – 200 °C
Baking time: approx. 35 till 40 minutes