Cinnamon Rolls Yeast



Yeast dough:
2,000 kg Wheat flour
0,225 kg Westfalia Back Melange
0,275 kg sugar
0,100 kg milkpowder
0,200 kg whole egg
0,070 kg yeast
0,030 kg salt
0,005 kg cadamon, grounded
0,900 kg water, cold

3,805 kg total amount

1,000 kg brown sugar   
0,050 kg cinnamon



How to make:

Knead the ingredients to a basic dough, cover with a plastic foil and store overnight in a fridge.

roll the dough to a width of approx. 45 cm and a thickness of 2 mm.
Brush the right part of the dough with liquid Back Melange, then cover with the cinnamon-mixture.
Turn the left dough part over the right part and press on slightly by using a rolling pin.
Cut stripes of 45 cm length and 1,5 cm width, twist the stripes and roll to snail shaped rolls and lay the snails on prepared baking sheets.
After a proofing time, brush the dough pieces with liquid egg and spread with pearl-sugar, bake with a little steam.

Baking temperature: 190 C, circulating air oven
Baking time: approx. 12-14 minutes

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