Croissant with nutfilling

MIN. Backzeit



Danish dough:
3500 g wheat flour, type 550
600 g Westfalia Backstabil Pro
250 g yeast
140 g wholemilk powder
50 g salt
350 g egg
1450 g water, cold
2000 g Westfalia Melange Platte

600 g nuts, grounded, roastet
200 g nuts, planed, roastet
200 g nuts, chopped, roastet
300 g Westfalia Back Melange
600 g sugar
600 g milk
250 g egg
300 g sweet crumb
10 g cinnamon
10 g salt

Method Danish dough:

Knead the danish dough 2 minutes by slow and 4 minutes by fast in a kneading machine. Laminate 2kg Westfalia Melange Platte with 3 single folds.


Method nut-filling:

Bring the milk, margarine, sugar and salt to boil. Stir the nuts, sweet crumbs and the cinnamon and boil this mixture for a short time. Mix the egg into the cold nut-filling.


Method Croissant with nut-filling:

Roll the dough to a thickness of 3,5 mm and a length of 50 cm. Cut triangles of 11 cm width and 25 cm length, brush them with water and fill with the nut-filling by using a piping bag.

Roll the dough-pieces to Croissants, brush them with egg and spread the surface with a mixture of 250 g Westfalia Bienenstich Fix, 250g chopped nuts and 250 g grounded nuts.

Place the croissants on prepared baking sheets and keep them in the proofer until ¾ proofed and bake with a little steam.
Garnish the baked croissants with Westfalia Super Schnee.

baking temperature:          190°C circulating air oven

baking time                      16-18 minutes