Danish coffee cake with almonds (danish pastry)

MIN. kneading time

MIN. proofing time

MIN. baking time

danish pastry:
1,750 kg wheat flour, type 550
0,725 kg water, cold
0,175 kg whole-egg
0,300 kg Westfalia Backstabil Pro
0,125 kg yeast
0,070 kg milkpowder
0,025 kg salt

2,700 kg almond paste
1,300 kg raisins

3,170 kg basic dough
1,000 kg Westfalia Plinder-Croissant Platte



kneading time: 2 minutes slow and 4 minutes fast
Westfalia Plunder-Croissantplatte: 3 single folds

keep the basic dough rested in a cool atmosphere (fridge) for 15 minutes. After that, laminate the Westfalia Plunder Croissant plate with 3 single folds and let the dough rest in the fridge again for approx. 20 minutes.
Roll the dough to a width of 50 cm and a thickness of 2,5mm then spread the almond paste evenly and sprinkle with raisins and roll from the width to a dough strand.
Cut this dough strand in pieces of approx. 75 cm length and lay them on prepared baking sheets then cut them in the middle lengthways and pull the edges apart, put them in the proofer.

proofing time: approx. 45 – 50 minutes
baking temperature: approx. 190°
baking time: approx. 25 minutes

After cooling, glaze the pastry with apricot jam and garnish with Westfalia Fein Fondant. Spread roasted almond slices and cut in evenly pieces.
Finish the long side edges with couverture.


Almond danish pastry Backstabil Pro, Kaffeestreifen