Extended Donuts

baking time


curd dough:
10000 g wheat flour, type 550
2850 g water
2500 g whole egg
750 g yeast
80 g baking powder
125 g salt


Knead the ingredients 2 minutes by slow and 7 minutes by fast in a kneading machine to a smooth dough. Weight dough-pieces of 2000g, roll them round and keep rested for 15 minutes, following press the dough by using a bun divider rounder.

Keep the dough balls rested for another 20 minutes, roll them to a thickness of 2 mm, extend the dough pieces from the inside to the outside to create a thin center and a thicker edge.

Place the dough pieces in the proofer.

When they are puffed up, bake them in a deep fat fryer at 175 °C for 2 minutes each side.

Cover the warm donuts with cinnamon sugar.