Farmer’s Apple-Advocaat Cake

MIN. Baking time

Temperature (in °C)

ingredients (for one baking sheet 60x40cm):
1,500 kg Westfalia Rühr Frisch
0,600 kg Westfalia Goldquellöl
0,600 kg water
0,030 kg Almond flavor
2,730 kg total amount
mix the ingredients approx. 2 minutes by medium speed in a mixing machine.

custard cream:
0,400 kg WestfaliaKaltkrem Super
1,000 kg water
0,100 kg Advocaat paste
1,500 kg total amount
whisk the ingredients to a smooth custard cream




Spread the ready mixture evenly on a greased 60×40 cm baking sheet.
Place custard cream dots on the mixture by using a piping bag.
Cover the cake with apple slices, ready to bake.
Spread liquid butterfat on the cooled cake.

Baking temperature: approx. 190 °C
Baking time: approx. 35 minutes

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