MIN. kneading time

MIN. proofing time

MIN. baking time

2,000 kg Berliner Konzentrat
10,000 kg wheat flour
0,800 kg Westfalia Superback 38
0,600 kg sugar
2,800 kg whole-egg
0,650 kg yeast
4,000 kg water

20,850 kg total amount



kneading time: 2 minutes slow and 8 minutes fast
dough temperatur: 25-27°C
dough balls weight: 1300g
resting time: 15-20 minutes
proofing conditions: approx. 35°C / 75% humidity
proofing time: approx. 90 minutes
baking time: approx. 7 minutes in the deep fat fryer at 175°C


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