Frisian Crumble Cake



Yeast dough:
1,000 kg Wheat flour, type 550
0,250 kg Westfalia Butina Butterfettbackkrem
0,050 kg milkpowder
0,070 kg yeast
0,005 kg salt
0,100 kg whole egg
0,475 kg water

Custard cream:
1,000 kg Whole milk     
0,120 kg sugar 
0,080 kg egg yolk
0,090 kg Westfalia Kochkrem CL

1,400 kg crumble, customary


How to make:

Knead the ingredients to a smooth yeast dough.

Roll 1250g yeast dough on a greased baking sheet 60x40cm and pierce the dough by using a rolling docker.

Boil ¾ of the milk and the sugar. Stir the Kochkrem powder into the remaining milk and egg yolk, whisk the mixture slowly into the boiling milk.

Spread the cold custard cream evenly on the yeast dough and cover with the crumbles.

Put the cake in the proofer and bake after rising.

Garnish the cold Cake with Westfalia Fein Fondant.


Dough temperature: approx. 25°C
Baking temperature: approx.  220-225°C
Baking time: approx. 25 Minuten

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