German Flag Cake

MIN. Baking Time

Temperature (in °C)


Westfalia Quarkteig (basic recipe):
10,000 kg WESTFALIA Quarkteig
2,000 kg whole egg
3,000 kg water

kneading time: All-In-Procedure, 4 minutes by slow and 2 minutes by fast in a kneading machine

ingredients (for one baking sheet 60x40cm):
1,250 kg Quarkteig
1,300 kg poppy seed-filling
1,300 kg raspberry-filling
1,300 kg custard cream


Roll the dough on a greased baking sheet (60×40 cm), pipe the fillings, by using piping-bags, alternating and diagonal (poppy seed – raspberry – custard cream) on the dough, ready to bake.

Glaze the cake after baking with Westfalia Geleeguß klar.

Baking temperature: approx. 200 °C
Baking time: approx. 45 minutes


Download recipe here