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We love quality. We live quality. We trust in quality.

QUALITY is the reliable foundation for successful products, for joint success and the best prospects for the future. It is a word which has epitomized our company philosophy in every respect for over 100 years – as well as our margarine, fats, oils and convenience products.

Food can only be as good as the RAW MATERIALS it is made of. That‘s why our very stringent selection criteria begin here. Our EMPLOYEES are our most important capital. The more qualified our employees, the more reliable the entire process chain – from product development to sales.

The quality of our PRODUCTS is the result of our combination of high-quality ingredients, expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Day in, day out, our continuous awareness of domestic and international markets, trends and customers‘ wishes inspires us to create new INNOVATIONS and further developments on all levels. SERVICE can never be too good. It‘s especially important to us because we particularly value you as our customer. Taking RESPONSIBILITY is vital to us, and begins with the management of raw materials, all the way through to sustainable production processes and to taking account of current dietary trends.


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Organizational structure of B2B solutions in the oil sector

Bunge Loders Croklaan brings together the companies Loders Croklaan, Walter Rau, Lindemann, Kruszwica and Bunge, all operating in the B2B oils and fats industry.