Ingredients - You decide what goes in and what stays out!

Individual solutions for individual customer needs

Flexibility is our greatest concern: We offer you tailored products, from a range of containers through to different ingredients, in line with the latest nutritional trends or declaration requirements.

Clean LabelNaturalness with no compromise!
LINDEMANN’s Clean Label Range:
• No hydrogenated fat   
• Natural flavours
• No artificial colouring
• All natural ingredients
• No preservatives
• Consumer-friendly declaration

FreeELet’s go, the future is within reach!
LINDEMANN’s Free E range is unique in the market thanks to its short list of ingredients with no loss of quality. The unique manufacturing process has no adverse effect on the product’s properties, providing complete user satisfaction.

SustainabilityResponsibility is in our hands!
As a member of the RSPO, LINDEMANN is a supporter of sustainably cultivated palm oil. This includes both the Mass Balance (MB) and Segregated (SG) trade models. As well as buying sustainable raw materials, our production operates efficiently thanks to energy recovery. We want to make sure that future customers can still enjoy the beautiful world we have today.

Melangeincredible, buttery, great.
LINDEMANN’s Melange range combines the much-loved taste of butter with the beneficial processing properties of margarine. You decide how high you want the butter fat content in your product to be.

Fat base –  familiar or more exotic?
The base for every margarine can be freely selected.
• Vegetable oils, such as rapeseed or sunflower oil
• Coconut or Shea fat
• Or very traditional: palm oil

On trend We keep you up to date!
Whether they are recommended by consumer magazines or stipulated by legislators, LINDEMANN expertly responds to the latest trends and requirements from food retailers…

• Trans-fatty acid content < 1%
• 3-MCPD and glycidyl ester reduction
• Alternative raw materials to reduce additives


We’re increasing the volume of products we can trace back to the mill or farm. In 2017, we achieved 93% traceability to the mill for palm oil.

We maintain a public grievance process for stakeholders, and we document our performance and activities via our palm and shea oil dashboards.

Paper pattern / container sizes

You decide: what fits best on my production plant!


Margarine / Fat / Oil:

For solid products

• 10 kg Block (PE film in different colours)


• 10 kg / 15 kg / 20 kg / 25 kg Block (Poly inliner with cardboard outer sleeve)

For pumped products

• 10 L Bag-in-Box
• 700 kg IBC-Container



• 10 kg Sack / 15 kg Sack / 20 kg Sack/ 25 kg Sack
• 750 kg Big Bag
• Or weighed to customer specifications

KNOW-HOW – We are experts and we are passionate about helping you!


LINDEMANN wants its customers to be 100% satisfied. We do everything we can to
support you, whether you are in the project phase or want to improve your current
products. An experienced team can provide you with the help you need, by telephone or
in person.
We have huge expertise in:

  • Baking/Laminating/Cream margarine
  • Deep frying fats
  • Special fats for the meat industry
  • Release agents and lubricants
  • High-quality mixes (ready mixes and concentrates) and other convenienceproducts
    for the making of various fine baker’s goods

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