Onion tarte



ingredients (recipe for 5 baking sheets 40 x 60 cm)
3,000 kg wheat flour, type 550
0,400 kg Westfalia Superback 38
0,180 kg Westfalia Backstabil Pro
0,300 kg whole egg
1,200 kg water
0,110 kg yeast
0,060 kg salt

kneading time:  2 min. by slow & 5 min. by fast
dough temperature:  approx.24-26 C°

recipe for the onion mixture:
6,000 kg onions, sliced
0,400 kg Westfalia Superback 38
1,900 kg sour cream  
0,200 kg wheat flour, type 550
0,200 kg whole egg 
0,030 kg salt
0,010 kg pepper
0,010 kg nutmeg
0,200 kg cheese, greated
0,350 kg bacon, diced
0,040 kg caraway

Heat the margarine in a large frying pan, then gently fry the onions, covered, until completely softened.
Whisk the sour cream, the whole eggs and the wheat flour, add the spicery and the greated cheese. Mix the cold down onions and the cream mixture.
Weigh the dough in 5 pieces a’ 1,050 kg and let it rest for a short time.
Roll the dough on baking sheets 40 x 60 cm, spread the onion mixture (each baking sheet 2050 g).
Sprinkle the diced bacon and the caraway.
Bake after a short fermentation time.

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