Pumpkin cake with a crispy topping

MIN. Baking Time

TemperaturE (in °C)

Ingredients ( 1 baking sheet 60×40 cm)
1,500 kg Westfalia Rühr Frisch
0,700 kg Westfalia Goldquell Öl
0,700 kg water
1,000 kg frozen pumpkin pieces
0,400 kg pumpkin seed, roasted and grounded
0,005 kg curry powder
4,305 kg total amount mixture





Defrost the frozen pumpkin pieces in an oven at 200°C approx. 15 minutes with a little steam. Mix the remaining ingredients to a smooth mixture, add the pumpkin pieces and mix all together for a short time.
Spread the ready mixture evenly on a greased baking sheet (40x60cm) ready to bake.

baking temperature: approx. 180 – 190°C convection oven
baking time: 30 – 35 minutes

0,600 kg cream cheese
0,120 kg Westfalia Supercreme
0,200 kg Westfalia Füllcreme Royal
0,600 kg icing sugar
a little bit of lemon juice

whip the ingredients in a mixing machine for approx. 5 minutes to high volume.
Spread the topping on the cold cake then store it cold.
Mix 100g Westfalia Bienenstich Fix and 100g pumpkin seeds, caramelize the mixture in the oven.
Crush the pumpkin-caramel and spread it on the cut cake.


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