Red Velvet Cake

MIN. Backing time

Temperature (in °C)

Ingredients Cake layers:
1,500 kg WESTFALIA Rühr Frisch
0,600 kg WESTFALIA Goldquell Öl
0,600 kg water
0,010 kg cocoa
0,010 kg apple vinegar
0,010 kg red food colorant (by using the food colorant pay attention on the manufactures instructions)

2,730 kg total amount

Ingredients filling/topping:
1,000 kg butter, tempered
0,600 kg icing sugar
1,600 kg cream cheese, tempered

3,200 kg total amount


Method layers:

mix the ingredients for the batter in a mixing machine for 3 minutes. Spread the ready mixture approx. 900g on three prepared baking sheets (laid with baking paper), then bake.

Banking temperature:
Baking time: approx. 15 minutes


Method topping:

whip the butter and the icing sugar, add the cream cheese bit by bit and whip to a creamy mixture. Fill the cake layers alternating with the filling, decorate the top with cake crumbles.

!to get a creamy and smooth filling it is important to tempering the butter and the cream cheese to room temperature!


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