MIN kneading time

MIN. baking time


ingerdients (for one braking tray 60 x 40 cm)

1,500 kg WESTFALIA Rühr Frisch
0,600 kg WESTFALIA Goldquell-Öl
0,600 kg water
stir approx. 3 minutes

0,350 kg WESTFALIA Kaltkrem-Super
1,000 kg water
whisk to a custard cream

1,100 kg frozen rhubarb

5,150g total amount



Stir the ingredients for the mixture 3 minutes in a mixing machine. Spread the ready mixture on a prepared baking tray. Use a piping bag to spread the cold custard cream and finish with the frozen rhubarb pieces. Ready to bake.
Glaze the cool cake.

baking temperature: approx. 190 – 200°C
baking time: approx. 30 – 35 minutes