MIN. baking time

Temperature (in °C)

ingredients (for one baking sheet 60 x 40cm)
1,200 kg short dough

cheesecake mixture:
1,000 kg Westfalia Käsekuchen Fix
2,100 kg curd cheese/cream cheese
0,400 kg whole egg
1,000 kg water
1,000 kg whipping cream
5,500 kg total amound


Zutaten beaten egg whites:
0,400 kg egg white
0,100 kg sugar




Roll the short dough on a greased baking sheet 60 x 40cm.
Whip the egg white and the sugar to beaten egg whites.
Stir the remaining ingredients to a mixture, add the beaten egg withes carefully and stir until smooth.
Spread the mixture evenly on the short dough and put approx. 1200g rhubarb pieces on top, then baking.
Glaze the cooled cake with “Westfalia Geleeguß klar”

baking temperature: approx. 200°C
baking time: approx. 50 minutes

! the cheesecake-mixture is also suitable for 4 round baking cake moulds Ø 30 cm!

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