MIN. Backing time


Danisch Dough:
1,750 kg wheat flour, Type 550
0,300 kg Westfalia Backstabil Pro
0,125 kg yeast
0,070 kg wholemilk powder
0,025 kg salt
0,175 kg whole egg
0,725 kg water, cold

3,170 kg amount

1,500 kg Westfalia Melange Platte

Knead the danish dough 2 minutes by slow and 4 minutes by fast in a kneading machine. Laminate after a short resting time 1500g Westfalia Melange Platte with 3 single folds.

0,500 kg Westfalia Back Melange
0,500 kg sugar
0,500 kg marzipan

1,500 kg amount

Whip the tempered ingredients in a mixing machine for a short time.


custard cream:
0,700 kg Westfalia Kaltkrem Super
2,000 kg water

2,700 kg amount

Whip the ingredients in a mixing machine for a short time


method spandauer:
Roll the dough to a thickness of 3,5 mm and cut in squares of 10×10 cm.

spread little spots of the marzipan-filling in the center of the squares. Press the edges to the middle, then spread spots of Kaltkrem Super on top.

Lay the Spandauer on prepared baking sheets, bake them ¾ proofed with a little steam.

Glaze the baked Spandauer with Apricot jelly and garnish with Westfalia Fein Fondant.

Baking temperature: 180 – 190°C
Baking time: 18 – 20 Minuten

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