St Nicholas Cake

MIN. Baking Time

Temperature (in °C)

Ingredients ( 1 baking sheet 60×40 cm)

fruit-mixture: soak the fruits one day before cake production

0,180 kg almonds, chopped
0,500 kg raisin
0,200 kg lemon peel
0,100 kg orange peel
0,100 kg rum

1,500 kg WESTFALIA Rühr Frisch
0,600 kg WESTFALIA Goldquell Öl
0,600 kg water
0,020 kg christmas spice

3,800 kg total amount



Mix the ingredients for the mixture in a All-In-Procedure for about 3 minutes in medium speed. Stir the fruit mixture for a short time, following spread the mixture on a greased baking sheet and bake the cake.

Glaze the cold cake with jelly and garnish with WESTFALIA Super Schnee.

baking temperature: 190°C
baking time: approx. 35 minutes


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