Vanilla-Custard Pastry

MIN. Baking-Time

Temperature (in °C)

ingredients Puff Pastry:
0,500 kg wheat flour, type 550
0,100 kg WESTFALIA Backstabil Pro
0,040 kg salt
0,050 kg whole egg
1,100 kg water, cold

5,000 kg whole milk
0,600 kg sugar
0,450 kg WESTFALIA Kochkrem





produce a common puff pastry dough, by kneading the ingredients 2 minutes slow and 4 minutes fast in the kneading machine. Laminate the Plunder Croissant Platte with two single and two double folds.
Boil ¾ of the milk and the sugar. Stir the Kochkrem powder into the remaining milk, whisk the mixture slowly into the boiling milk.

Roll the puff pastry dough on a thickness of 2,5 mm, pierce the dough by using a roller docker than cut pieces of 5 x 15 cm and spread them with crumbles, ready to bake.

Cut the pastry lengthwise and fill them with the cold custard, cover with the crumble part and decorate with Westfalia Super Schnee.

Baking-temperature: approx. 200°C
Baking-time: approx. 25 minutes.

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