Vegan Burger

MIN. Baking Time

rest period

dough temperature (in °C)

baking temperature (in °C)


Burger Buns:
1000 g wheat flour, type 550
1000 g spelt whole-grain flour
200 g Westfalia Alpenschmelz
100 g sugar
40 g malt bakery improver
80 g yeast
30 g salt
1200 g oat-drink, unsweetened

Burger Patties:
2000 g kidney beans, washed
500 g mushroom
200 g red onions
250 g oat flakes
100 g tomato paste
50 g mustard
20 g soya sauce
pepper, salt, cumin, rosemary, thyme

Method for the Burger Buns:

Mix and knead the dough-ingredients in a kneading machine to a smooth dough and keep it rested for approx. 15 minutes.

Weigh the dough in the needed size. After a short resting time, cut and roll the dough by using a bun press to equal buns.

Lay the buns on prepared baking sheets, brush them with liquid egg, spread with sesame or other toppings, put them in the proofer and bake the buns fully risen with a little steam.

dough temperature: approx. 25°C
baking temperature: approx. 200-210°C
baking time: approx. 10-12 minutes


Method for the Burger Patties:

Cut the mushrooms in little pieces and fry them in Westfalia Alpenschmelz.

Mix a small part of the kidney beans, a small part of oat flakes, the onions, the tomato paste and the mustard in a blender, add the remaining kidney beans, the mushrooms and the oat flakes and mash it to a burger mixture.

Seasoning with pepper, salt, herbs, and soya sauce as favored.

Shape Burger patties in the needed size, fry them in Westfalia Alpenschmelz or bake the patties in the oven by 200 °C for approx.12 minutes each side.

Create the burger with vegan burger sauce, salad, cucumber, tomato, onion, vegan cheese.