Vegan danish with fruit-filling

Baking Time


Ingredients danish dough:
3500 g wheat flour, type 550
100 g Westfalia Kochkrem-Pulver
50 g salt
300 g sugar
300 g Westfalia Superback 38
250 g yeast
850 g water, cold
1200 g oat drink, cold
6280 g total amount

2000 g Westfalia Dänisch Platte

Ingredients fruit-filling:
2500 g frozen fruit
250 g Westfalia Kochkrem CL
400 g sugar
1000g water
some cinnamon
4150 g total amount

Ingredients vegan custard:
90 g Westfalia Kochkrem
120 g sugar
1000 g coconut milk
1210 g total amount

Method danish dough:

Knead the ingredients in a kneading machine 2 minutes by slow and 4 minutes by fast.
Cover the dough in a plastic foil and keep rested for approx. 15 minutes in a fridge.
Laminate three single folds with Westfalia Dänisch Platte.


Method fruit-filling:

Bring the frozen fruit (e.g. raspberry, strawberry, cherry), sugar, cinnamon and 750ml water to boil. Mix the Kochkrem powder and stir into the remaining water, whisk the mixture slowly into the boiling fruit filling.


Method vegan custard:

boil ¾ of the coconut milk. Mix the Kochkrem powder and the sugar and stir into the remaining coconut milk, whisk the mixture slowly into the boiling coconut milk.


Method danish pastry:

After a short resting time, roll the laminated dough to a thickness of 3,5 mm, cut in pieces of 12 x12 cm and fold each corner into the center and press down gently. Lay the pastry pieces upside down on prepared baking sheets, put them in the proofer to rise. When the pastry is fully risen, fill with the fruit-filling by using a piping bag, ready to bake.
After baking, cover the fruit-filling with the hot ready cooked custard cream. Spread the custard with a little cinnamon-sugar, to prevent a film from forming on the top of pudding as it cools. Refine the pastries with Westfalia Fondant or Westfalia Super Schnee.