Wild Bumblebee Cake

MIN. Baking Time

Temperature (in °C)


ingredients (for one baking sheet 60x40cm):
1500 g Westfalia Rühr Frisch
600 g Westfalia Goldquell Öl           
600 g water


100 g Westfalia Bienenstich Fix

200 g almonds, planed

180 g Westfalia Kochkrem
260 g sugar
2000 g milk

100 g Westfalia Feinste Back mit Butter               


1000 g peach, chopped



Whip the ingredients for the mixture 3 minutes in a mixing machine.

Grease two baking sheets and cover them with baking-paper, spreads 1350 g of the mixture on each baking sheet.

Spread the topping-mixture on one of the two cake-base, bake them approx. 15 minutes by 180 °C in a circulating air oven.

Boil ¾ of the milk and the Feinste Back. Mix the Kochkrem powder and the sugar and stir into the remaining milk, whisk the mixture slowly into the boiling milk. Stir the chopped peach in the custard.

Release the baking paper from the cake-base, lay the bottom one on a baking sheet and spread the custard evenly.

Cover with the almond cake base and let the cake cool down.

Baking temperature: approx. 180 °C
Baking time: approx. 15 minutes


Download recipe here