Yummy Apple Cake

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ingredients (one baking sheet 60×40 cm):

curd dough:
1000 g Westfalia Quarkteig 
300 g water
200 g whole eggl

custard cream:
400 g Westfalia Kaltkrem Super  
1000 g water
100 g whole eggl
250 g curd cheese

2000 g apple slices
600 g  crumbles


Knead the ingredients for the curd dough in a kneading machine, 4 minutes by slow and 2 minutes by fast. After a short resting time, roll the dough on a greased baking sheet 60 x 40cm. Roll the dough with a rolling docker.

Whisk the ingredients for the custard cream to a smooth mixture and spread these on the curd dough. Cover the cake with the apple slices and spread with crumbles on top and finish with a little cinnamon-sugar, ready to bake. 

baking temperature: 210°C

baking time: approx 45 minutes